Polsheer House

"POLSHEER HOUSE" is a substituted title for a mansion, that previously registered by the name of "ZAVALIAN HOUSE" in the culture heritage list of ISFAHAN, and also "Vakil-o-doleh residence" is the other name, that Sometimes referred to its first known owner "Leon Vakil-o-doleh"'s family who were acted as the British agents in Isfahan at this house for almost 50 years. This house constructed in the Tabriziha neighborhood, and opposite the minas Church in new Julfa of Isfahan. The notable houses in new Julfa belonged to the prominent merchants, clergy and the distinguished and they usually consisted of a winter and summer wing. This tercentenary house had basically been a dwelling part of an edifice. The reminder of the said period, there are two other parts; "ZENDEH-ROOD or POLSHEER HOUSE II" a weather and time worn maisonette had been bought, renovated and utilized by POLSHEER Architects Planners Engineers Co. and also a church nominated "MINAS CHURCH". POLSHEER HOUSE, in three frontlines of its courtyard has inherited the architectural ornament of three Iranian historical-Art periods; pertain to the Safavid, Zand, qajar dynasties. The current building consists of a small courtyard surrounded by a series of rooms on four sides which apart from the southern wing, are all arranged on two levels. There is a large cruciform room measuring 9 by 7 meters on the western side bearing a collection of stunning paintings. The rooms all have beautiful doors and fretwork windows and the western rooms used to have multicolored cross-shaped windows, only one of which remains today. The spatial and structural composition of this building displays the same principles of architecture, static's and equilibrium seen in the grand palaces of the safavid period, such as Aali-Qapu or Chehel-sotoun. All designs and plans demonstrate a uniform, unbreakable and progressive spatial arrangement. The ceiling is made up of load bearing vaults and delicate stucco work. The latest ornament of this house goes back to the Qajar period though a considerable portion of its decorations relate to the second half of the 19th century (12th century AP). In 1996(1375 AP), the present board of directors of POLSHEER Architects Planners Engineers Co. purchased this house from Zavalian’s heirs. After the principal restoration and rehabilitation of the building the main function of this precious structure was changed from a residence to an architectural firm. In 2002 (1381AP) Polsheer received an Award of merit from the UNESCo Asia Pacific heritage Awards for adhering to best conservation practice and adapting the old building to a modern use. At the same year, from the northward side of the house, a smaller section of the adjoining Property, first Known as "POLSHEER HOUSE II" but later named ZENDEH-ROOD HOUSE too, was bought to restore by POLSHEER Co. Renovating these old houses with new functions, were not only a conservancy work for the historic structures but also an emersion of dynamics lively spaces. .


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