Water Recreation Center


This porch swimming pool (the project which is defined) is a part of the Aabsar complex which has been in the first phase of implementation and operation. Interior space of the swimming pool conforms to the idea in total complex that is like a water cave, appeared within a mountain. Designing some join-pools, create large scale integration as free forms in natural pool. Service functions such as Cafeteria, massage and sauna have been formed within this space as the rocks, too. access to the inside using paths such as the stairs and platform make not only the available places but also places to lounge and discuss. The presence of the nature in this space is completed with sun-ray that comes inside, to provide this possibility for planting and growth trees and shrubs. Shiny as a pyramidal diamond, it seems, into the heart of the mountain during the days, and especially at nights, when the reflection comes from internal space to the external volume.


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